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About Us

A Public Private Partnership In The Making

Laying The Foundation


Kane County formed a Project Team to draft a Food Hub Feasibility Study, which included key staff, community partners, and lead project consultant, New Venture Advisors.


In 2016 Kane County completed the feasibility study which assessed market conditions, identified strategies to improve healthy food access and evaluated a hub’s overall financial viability.


Beginning in 2017 the Project Team began working to identify a qualified operator to manage the food hub. The selected operator will have the opportunity to work with the Project Team’s consultant to prepare a customized and comprehensive business plan at no cost.

2017 - November

The Kane County Board announced Nov. 14 the selection of PKE Enterprises  Inc D.B.A. Dream HUB to operate a countywide food hub.

2018 - January

Dream HUB establishes Dream Distributors as the Aggregation and Distribution arm of the Food HUB.

2018 - April

Dream HUB begins a 3000 sq ft expansion of its Dream Kitchen in Elgin, IL a incubator kitchen operated by Dream HUB. The expansion gives Dream Distributor the room required to start its operations, while allowing Dream Kitchen to offer much needed value added processing space for local growers and producers.

2018 - June

With support from Kane County, Rush Copley Hospital, and Telligen a pilot program to aggregate and distribute produce is lunched. The pilot program known as Fresh & Local Rx provides Dream Distributor the opportunity to launch small scale operations during its final business planning phase.

2018 - August & Beyond

What Are We Up To?

We are fine tuning our business plan with data developed through the ongoing Fresh & Local Rx program.

We are settling into the aggregation and distribution facilities built-out at Dream Kitchen.

We continue to making valuable connections with growers, producers and institutions that align with our strategic plan.

What Else Are We Up To?

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